Darcarus Art Reveal

Hey Soplings and Powerlings! Today is another amazing art reveal!

I know a few of you got to see him at Gen Con and CCE early this year: Darcarus as we meet him in Heroes or Thieves! I really love this image of him—you can really see the self-assurance in his eyes. <3  You can tell his father would strongly disapprove of his choice in clothing. And you know he would give no fucks.

+ Favorite color combination: white and gold
+ His magic, a type of necromancy, is extremely rare. But while he is a prodigy, the danger to himself made his father view his gift as impractical. Darcarus, however, believes his father has a secret loathing for necromancy (after a necromancer slayed his mother)
+ Secretly spits in the wine glasses of those he despises

J.J. Sherwood

By J.J. Sherwood

JJ Sherwood is the author of the epic fantasy book series, Steps of Power.

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